Christopher Wren

Christopher Wren

20 October 1632 – 8 March 1723

After last night’s carol service for printers at St Bride’s Church in Fleet Street it seems appropriate to mention the architect of this and many other amazing churches and buildings in the city of London and beyond.

It is, well to me anyway, interesting to note that Sir Christopher’s date of birth is not as simple as it might seem. He seems to have two. The reason for this is that the ‘new’ Gregorian Calendar affected the date as a result of it’s introduction on 1582. It seems hard to imagine implementing a new calendar to replace one that miscalculated one day roughly every 3000 years should even have been possible prior to mass communication.

Sir Christopher lived to be over 90 and was married twice but each marriage ended in the early death of his wife. He was only married for nine years.

His achievements are too numerous to mention or catalogue. He was a member of Parliament several times and was always productive. As with many architects, designers and creatives his work did not always meet with approval and met with some criticism. His legacy is a panorama of beautiful buildings that form a strong component of British history from the seventeenth century onwards. St Bride’s in not the only one of his buildings still in daily use and still giving pleasure to millions, hundreds of years after it was built. Don’t even get me started on the fascinating history of St Brides Church. Go, look and see it for yourself. There’s been a place of worship there for centuries.






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