Terms Of Use

CREATIFF is the property of CREATIFF Limited a Private Limited Company UK Registered in England & Wales. Company Registration Number 10458999 and subject to UK Company Laws.

CREATIFF is a membership organisation designed to foster business opportunities between its members, provide training workshops and networking events. We place particular emphasis on those working within the creative industries.

The website www.creatiffnet.com is open to the public, excluding areas which are for the exclusive use of the membership. By using this website you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions – which are subject to change or amendment without notice.


Becoming a Member of CREATIFF

Membership of CREATIFF is open to a wide audience of those working with the creative industries and suppliers to those industries, including companies who wish to trade within those industries.

We encourage members to attend regular networking events and companies will specific membership rights, will be able to bring colleagues within fee or the company membership agreed.

We reserve the right to cancel membership or deny membership to companies we do not feel suitable for membership and no explanation needs to be given.

We encourage companies and individuals to network and promote their skills and services.  We do not, however, agree to members emailing or spamming other members and this activity will be deemed unacceptable and membership cancelled. Should any individual or company representatives act in a way that is found to be inappropriate by the management, at any event, or online will have their membership terminated and no refund will be given.

Company membership is paid by annual subscription and may choose to allocate up to five colleagues, who are able to attend events either individually, or up to five at each event.

Company members who have the added benefit or including additional names must pay in full the annual subscription at the start of their membership.

To make payment terms easier some Individual members may choose to pay by monthly subscription, but must note that should they wish to cancel their membership at any point during that year, they will continue to be liable for the full amount of the annual subscription to the year end. Membership will be suspended until the full annual subscription is paid in full and CREATIFF Limited will invoice & pursue the full amount of the annual subscription on cancellation of a standing order, or failure to pay.

Membership will commence on receipt of payment.


Booking Events

Online booking must be made through the online booking form on the website www.creatiffnet.com and payment should then be made through our secure payment service prior to the event to ensure that your attendance is registered at least 24 hours prior to the event.  In the event of cancellation it must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the event.  Refunds will not be made if it is too late for the particular venue where the event is being held to change their booking order.  In some special circumstances we may be able to hold your payment over to the next event, but this is not guaranteed.  Only when full payment is received will the booking be deemed confirmed.

We do not hold or store any card details.



Both company members and Individual members are encouraged to bring along guests, so that the network grows to the benefit of all members.  On the second visit as a guest that person will be asked to join as a member to continue to enjoy attendance at any further events.


Members will be listed free on joining, in the Membership Directory and can both market and advertise their services to the full membership through the business card directory on the website www.creatiffnet.com.  Members may also wish to advertise their services on the site and this service is available by contacting alison@creatiffnet.com


Blogs & Online Content

CREATIFF members are encouraged to submit blogs and content to the site they feel would be of interest to the membership and wider audience.  CREATIFF is not responsible for that content and authorship is of the author’s opinion only and not that of CREATIFF.  Authorship of any blog, social media post sent through our sites is the responsibility of the originator.  CREATIFF do not accept responsibility for any content that has been posted through our site, or any social media sites associated with CREATIFF such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Privacy Policy

We take our members privacy seriously.  We will ensure that all personal and company details are only used by CREATIFF Limited for the purposes of communicating with our membership.

We comply with the UK Data Act and will not pass any of your details to third parties without your prior permission.


Should any third party wish to communicate their business services through us to our membership we will first obtain your permission and will only communicate their offering through our newsletter and none of your information will be handed out to any third party.

CREATIFF Limited only will have access to your information.


Members who deal with other members through networking, or other events, or advertisers and associates are initiated between yourselves and not the responsibility of CREATIFF Limited.


Cancelling membership 

We want to ensure that our members enjoy the benefits of belonging to CREATIFF and our annual subscription will be done on an anniversary billing cycle.  The month you join will be the month the following year you will be reminded to rejoin. Should you wish to continue your membership you will be asked to pay your annual subscription, or continue your monthly payment scheme online.


Should you wish to cancel your membership you should inform CREATIFF Limited one month prior to the end of your annual subscription anniversary date. At that point you will not be able to attend events or continue to receive membership benefits.  You will be removed from the CREATIFF Membership Directory at the end of your membership.  You may rejoin at any point in the future should you wish and your membership benefits will be reinstated when the full annual subscription is received.  Those who are paying must ensure that at the end of their annual period they must cancel the monthly standing order themselves.  An administration fee of £50 will be charged by CREATIFF Limited and no refunds will be made on overpayment.



By using this site or by joining as a member you must first agree to indemnify and hold harmless CREATIFF Limited, its directors, employees, venues and agents from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation reasonable legal and accounting fees alleging or resulting from your use of any online content, services, or your breach of these Terms & Conditions.