Gender issues in the workplace.

Gender issues in the workplace.

Now this is going to be interesting. The reason for posting this is that I have decided that this is a real issue facing all of us in the workplace and has been since the start of time. I think we all rather hoped that this was becoming a thing of the past. It’s not and that is sad.

The picture below will either please you in which case you will hate the text or you will disapprove of it in which case you might applaud the text. This article was posted on LinkedIn over the weekend and was written by Rick Bronks, Creative Director of Satureyes Media and a friend of Creatiff. Rick gave us a brilliant talk in the Autumn and we’ll be asking him for more of the same in the not too distant future. Rick very kindly has said that I can post it here and I think it’s so indicative of current shifts and trends that’s what I’m doing.

As we have said before we are living in changing times and it’s really sad to see that some of the values we have grown to be comfortable with, some of the standards of equality and fairness, diminish before our very eyes.

Here goes and many thanks for Rick for posting!

Get your tits out for the LinkedIn?

I’m not in any way a prude. Anyone who knows me will testify that I am far from it. What I have noticed is a worrying trend on LinkedIn to gain ‘likes’ and sharing by using scantily clad women who society deems as ‘hot’ as marketing material for companies. Clearly the notion of ‘sex sells’ is very much alive.

Is this a statement by powerful women, comfortable in their bodies to use ‘what they have’ in return for publicity? I’m not so sure. I think it’s crass and several steps back in creating work/life equality for men and women

What I see is the online equivalent of a semi-naked woman draped over the bonnet of a new car at some trade-show.

I recently saw a posting by a ‘friend’ for her female friend who was travelling and was looking for work abroad. The image was of her in a slinky short dress and heels clearly taken at a party. Of course there is nothing wrong with a woman looking great and wearing what she wants and feeling comfortable in it, but what ensued in the comments were a lot of clearly over-excited, salivating men offering this woman some work, or asking her to get in contact with them when she arrives wherever she was travelling to. Actually slightly creepy.

“I’d give you a job anytime”

“You can come into my office whenever you like”

and so on.

Would the post have attracted the same amount of attention if she was in a nice business suit, or even something perhaps less revealing? I doubt it.

In the days when we hear about the future leader of the free world ‘grabbing pussy’ are we now accepting that all the hundreds of years of women fighting against sexism, ageism and hatred in the workplace is becoming undone? Is it now acceptable in what is meant to be a business orientated forum to show images that are clearly designed to be salacious in order to get a message across? What happened to the need for equality?

It’s a worrying trend and I think it’s time it stopped. Men and women should be equal. If I started posting images of a man in revealing, tight pants showing my company logo would it be ok? Would there be lots of comments by women offering this person a job? I’m not so sure that professional working women would approach this the same way as the overtly sexual approach and commentary that the male contingent of this site take when the images are of females.

It’s time to stop it. It’s undoing years and years of hard work by women to be seen as equal in the workplace.

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