Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys

23 February 1633 ā€“ 26 May 1703

Samuel Pepys is one of those people whose impact on history is immense without him ever actually doing anything outrageous, inventing some life changing device, causing wars or finding a cure for some horrific illness. His success and notoriety are down to him having recorded a phenomenal amount of information about his private and public lives during a fascinating period in British history. He recorded the plague which wiped out a huge number of people in the city which was then followed by the great fire, which some people say is what stopped the plague spreading even further. However you at look the diaries there is always something to grab the attention and provide entertainment.









I particularly like the notion of, as the fire spread nearer his home, him digging a hole in the garden in which he stored his wine and parmesan cheese. I don’t suppose he was planning to hold a 1970s style cheese and wine evening but it does show the value of these commodities at the time.

Pepys suffered many episodes of ill-health and was frequently in pain. He suffered from bladder stones which chose to have them removed. Just imagine that in the middle of the seventeenth century. It makes your face curdle just to think of it. He must have been a robust soul especially as he went on to record numerous amorous adventures.

What a great blog he would have written.






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