Eric Gill

Eric Gill

Eric Gill’s work is everywhere. From typefaces to carvings on public buildings it is probably fair to say that everyone has seen some of his work. However even though they have seen it not everyone would know who the artist behind the work was or they simply wouldn’t even think of the fact that someone must have designed the typeface you are reading now.

Beartice Warde (more of her in another entry) once stated that the use of poor typography was bad manners, much like shouting when talking to someone. The typeface must match the subject. At first this might seem a curious notion but think back to the books you read as a child. The typefaces were probably, clear, simple, clean and inviting. Think of some of the scholarly and erudiate pieces you had read, or should have, and think of what they look like on the page. Inviting? Possibly but to me intimidating is more often the case.

Anyone who is interested only has to consult the Great God Google and they will find details of his huge output and details of his somewhat unusual life style.

To stick to my theme of his impact on the typefaces we see everyday just look at the image below and see how many you recognise. Probably most of them.




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