Business Support

We all need a bit of help every now and then

Start-ups can happen at any age and at any time,
it’s an opportunity to grasp those ideas and go for it. 


We all need a little help along the way though, just enough to help us avoid the
odd pot-hole and let’s face it none of us are experts at everything.

We want to give you the support you may need at some point along that road,
without taking you away from your business and what you do best… and


We love to see those partnerships working


Advice and support for small and growing businesses will be on offer
and can play a vital part as an add-on to your membership package.

Members who require these services will have easy access to professional advice,
a quick phone call to an expert might be enough and if you need more… that’s there too.


CREATIFF have partnered with a professional business support organisation to offer our members
the opportunity to access expert advice in those vital business areas, we may not all know too much about;
HR, H&S, Tax, Insurance (from laptops to Public Liability), IT Support and a whole lot more.

If you want to network with great people, learn and be inspired