Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

3 March 1847 to 2 August 1922

The surname ‘Bell’ seems like the perfect name for the inventor of the telephone. Phones had bells. I’ll give you a bell later’, ‘Let’s ring up Fred’ etc; you could go on for hours.

In my mind the inventor of the phone was AGB but on investigation it would appear that there was a bit of a rush to the patent office. 14 February 1876 was the day when Bell registered his patent but so did Elisha Grey. Controversy has raged for years about who got there first, who really did invent the ‘phone etc. The dispute seems to be over the use of ‘liquid transmitters’ which was something that Bell had been working on for years.

There can be no-doubt that after the invention of moveable type the telehone was the next major step forward leading us to the modern age of communication where we are currently standing. i remember the days (vaguely) when there was one telephone in the house, usually in the hall, and if anyone had an extension upstairs, well there was something a little racy about that. Maybe my family weren’t quite keeping up with cutting edge trends, possibly, very likely.

Within a few years everyone had phones everywhere, mobiles hit the market and the bricks of the 1990s have shrunk in size and swollen in capability in a way that would have seemed unimaginable.

Where would we be without the phone? Stuck in the past and I am going to carry on saying that AGB invented it. Please give me a bell if you disagree.








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