Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace

Until research the movers and shakers of interest to this blog I had never even heard of Ada Lovelace. Now I have I want to read a lot about her and would encourage everyone to at least look at her Wikipedia entry

Basically Ada Lovelace was born into a titled, privileged and eccentric world. She was the only legitimate daughter of Lord Byron and that sounds quite challenging in it’s own right. He left home very soon after her birth to continue his sometimes sordid adventures while in Greece, totally embracing some ancient Greek practices!

Her Mother was concerned that young Ada might have become tainted by her father’s eccentricity or madness as she thought it to be so she encouraged the young and frequently sickly Ada to pursue her interest in mathematics and logic to ward off any unwanted personality traits.

She was introduced to Charles Babbage, ‘the father of computers’ by a mutual friend and a friendship developed which led to Ada working for, and with Babbage. The defining moment of her legacy might be the fact that she translated an article from Italian to English about a machine and produced a complex series of notes which some say produced the first algorithm even before the computer was invented.

“Ada Lovelace Day” is an annual event celebrated in mid-October whose goal is to “… raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and maths,” and to “create new role models for girls and women” in these fields.

I acknowledge that this information came from Wikipedia but for me this will be a starting point for further research.






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