About us

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

A creative society.


Behind the scenes at CREATIFF we’ve been working away to make sure that the services we offer satisfy the needs of our community: both our clients and our members. As we’ve gone through this process it has become clear that what we are actually doing is nurturing a ‘creative society’.


What is it?


Our vision of a creative society is a group, a cohort, a gathering of supportive, skilled professionals within the creative industries who have the same shared values, sense of professionalism who want to work together to create new business opportunities and pursue these for mutual advantage. There is a lot to be said for the creative mind but there’s an awful lot more that can be said about 10 creative minds.


Who are we?


Creatiff was launched by Alison Harper and Glyn Farrow. They bring together an eclectic mix of minds, skills and experience covering a wide range of business activities from marketing, design, the arts, charities, governance and finance. CREATIFF is an outlet where clients can tap into this wide experience and skill in a financially efficient way to give them the support and to free up their time allowing them to focus on developing their own business.

Alison & Glyn enjoy working in a variety of arenas and have much to bring to the table along with a host of partners who are experts in their individual fields.

Our Key Objectives



We will engage with both the arts & industries to facilitate collaboration & co-operation to explore emergent markets and new trends, through our business networking, inspiring speakers and business support.



We will help to empower sole traders and small partnerships to take the plunge into a wider world via our networking, support and activities.



We will develop strong partnerships to generate new opportunities for the stars of the future. We will work with youth organisations to bring a pool of young people to our events so they can begin to experience the breadth of opportunities available to them and to nurture their talent with the support of our members and from our members, which otherwise would be denied to them.

We believe in equal opportunities for all which is one of the reasons why we provide a portal for reaching potential new clients for all our members. We are designed to connect.
We are proud supporters
of the Archway Project

If you want to network with great people, learn and be inspired